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historique_photo_annie__2013-12-04___DSC02740As far back as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by pets, be they cats, dogs, ducks, rabbits and for six years we even had a wild boar who we adopted when he was orphaned.

Always surrounded by numerous family dogs, I promised myself that my children would understand the same joy that I had felt to have four-footed companions.

A little after the birth of my first daughter, I acquired a Great Pyrennes female puppy called `Lumberlost Wiffletree Vega`. This dog became a good friend, marvellous companion and watch dog for my little girl.

Also, through Vega we had the pleasure of knowing another owner of the Great Pyrennes who was involved at the show dog level (she is now a top breeder of Ragdoll cats).

With her help, I started to present Vega, at three years of age, in dog shows and she became champion to our great pride.

vega_m2Unfortunately we lost Vega following a bout with bone cancer and the family was devastated. My daughter in particular was very affected and I felt great pity for her. Every cloud does have a silver lining though and one day I received a photograph of my nephews holding an adorable, cuddly white puppy. Enraptured, I contacted my brother-in-law who originally grew up in L`ìle de la Reunion. He gave me all the information I needed about the puppy. Her name was Jinn and her breed was called Coton de Tulear. I decided on the spot to acquire one but this time I wanted puppies with good blood lines and of show quality.

After many trips to Europe and many hours of gathering information, I was able to put together a knowledgeable base which allowed me to embark on my own quality dog breeding. Now the challenge is complete and my objective is to produce puppies with qualities of being extremely sociable and having joyful personalities. Of course the physical qualities of these dogs will remain the standards set by the F.C.I.

Surrounded by my loved ones, my Coton family continues to grow as new and future owners become members of our extended family and I am convinced that what lies ahead will be an even more exciting adventure.

Since those memorable beginnings, 18 years have passed. Breeding is never easy, but when passion is present, it’s brings a lot of joy and pride. My daughter Honorine is a precious help, she gives me the energy and punch of youth.

She always lived around my Cotons and which involves more and more with our little fur balls. With her at my side the future of ”La Brume Océane”" seems to be assured.


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