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Coton De Tulear Characteristics

A soft and sweet little pack of dynamite!

flwme1sLe Coton dogs are found to be well known for their long and sumptuous coats which have the texture of a cotton flower that will catch your attention immediately. It will, however, be their personality that will capture your heart. You will be overwhelmed by their mischievousness and comedic talents that will be deployed to better seduce you. If you have an athletic tendency you will have found a willing partner for your morning jogging session and for your country walks and it won’t be the cold or snow that will stop your little companion.

With respect to his origins (he used to hunt wart hogs and would guard herds of domestic animals) he has an endurance quite remarkable for a dog of his size. I must remark on the fact that my cotons have no fear of horses or cows (perhaps reminiscent of their recent ancestors). At home they are very calm and appreciate the comfort of a soft cushion and can hold their place in society. He is a perfect companion for children and as like all of us, as long as his rights are respected he is an adoring, affable friend.

It would not be an inconvenience to share his home with a pet friend already established there.

To sum things up, the coton dogs live by the motto;
‘The more fun we have the more we laugh’.

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